Dan Horner

  • Overland Park, KS
  • Solutions Manager at UPS

Who I Am

I am a husband to Debbie and father of five.  Debbie and I currently live in Overland Park, Kansas with our two youngest.  (The oldest three are out on their own or attending college.)

I am a Christian.  Maybe a better way to put it:  Jesus gave his life to pay my sin-debt to God.  I am so grateful that I turned from who I could have been and instead live (albeit imperfectly) my life for Jesus.

I am not perfect, but I don't have to be.  In Christ I have forgiveness as a free gift!  How cool is that?  I don't have to work to get to heaven which is a huge load off of my shoulders.  In church-speak this is called "Grace."

I am a teacher.  I don't mean professionally, I mean in heart and attitude.  I simply enjoy figuring out how things work and then explaining what I've learned to anyone who is interested.  I guess I have an aptitude for doing this so it bleeds through into my work and has helped me make a living.

I am verbal.  I enjoy the richness of language and visiting with others.  I'm also a verbal learner.  Things I "hear" I remember.  I guess this is why I've been hooked on Podcasts for years.  It's even why I started my own podcast which helps both me and others memorize key verses out of the Bible.  All I can say is that all this "verbalness" probably drives Debbie a little crazy from time to time.

What I Do

I consult with businesses that want to improve their operations.  My approach is hands-on.  Typically I spend quite a bit of time learning how a client operates their warehouse, provides customer service and handles accounts receivable and payable.  Once I understand how an organization currently runs (the baseline) I can pull back and get creative!

That's when the fun starts.  I use my background in Industrial Engineering to analyze and improve the process.   A lot of this is common sense coupled with experience gained working with over 700 organizations throughout California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas and Iowa.

Once everyone on the team agrees on the improved processes, we enable them through the creative implementation of technology.

I guess you could summarize all this by saying:

  • I'm good at learning new things
  • I have a talent for organizing and presenting information
  • I like to solve problems

If you're curious and have actually read this far, I'll give you some official information, but honestly at this point in life, experience far overshadow's any degree's or who I currently work for.

  • Solutions Manager with UPS
  • Azusa Pacific University - Adjunct Instructor
  • South Piedmont Community College - Adjunct Instructor
  • Bachelor of Science, Technical Science (Minors in Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Master of Science, Applied Computer Science (Technical Programming Option)
  • 12 years Solutions Experience
  • 8 years Industrial Engineering Experience
  • 7 years Project Engineering Experience
  • 2 years Operations Management Experience